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Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.

Hop Hornbeam



Transversal section

  Diffuse-porous. Pores infrequently in radial multiples of 2 to 10 pores. Growth ring boundaries undulating, often indistinct, marked by one or two rows of radially flattened cells. Diffuse apotracheal parenchyma and occasionally in tangential one- or two-rowed, short bands. Thickwalled cells in ground tissue.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Dense, fine spiral thickenings. Rays rarely homogeneous, generally heterogeneous, with 1 to 3 rows of square to slightly upright marginal cells. Ray-vessel pits often slightly enlarged. Solitary, prismatic crystals in procumbent and upright ray cells frequent.

Tangential section

  Rays uni- to triseriate, rarely 4-seriate. Ray height 15 to 40 cells.

Key characters

  Diffuse-porous, pores in radial multiples. Spiral thickenings. Rays uni- to triseriate, heterogeneous.

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