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Pinus Cembra L.

Cembran Pine, Swiss Pine, Stone Pine



Transversal section

  Growth ring boundaries inconspicuous, often undulated, especially near resin canals in latewood. Latewood zone always narrow, tracheids uniformly thin-walled. Transition from early- to latewood gradual. Large resin canals with thin-walled epithelial cells.

Radial section

  Tracheid pits almost uniseriate. Rays heterocellular. Walls of ray tracheids thin and smooth. Cross-fields with one to two (rarely up to 3) fenestriform pits.

Tangential section

  Average ray hight of rays 5 to 15 cells. Resin canals in rays with thin-walled epithelial cells.

Key characters

  Resin canals with thin-walled epithelial cells. Rays with large fenestriform pits, ray tracheids with thin, smooth walls.


  This species cannot be distinguished from Pinus strobus on the basis of wood anatomy.

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