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Pinus mugo Turra

Mountain Pine



Transversal section

  Growth ring boundaries always distinct. Transition from early- to latewood generally abrupt. Large resin canals with thin-walled epithelial cells. Considerable fluctuation in wood density and occasionally false growth rings are observed in samples from lowland regions.

Radial section

  Tracheid pits almost uniseriate. Rays heterocellular. Ray tracheids with dentated walls. Cross-fields from parenchyma cells to tracheids with one (rarely two) large fenestriform pits.

Tangential section

  Average height of rays 8 to 15 cells. Resin canals in rays with thin-walled epithelial cells.

Key characters

  Resin canals with thin-walled epithelial cells. Rays with large fenestriform pits, ray tracheids with distinctly dentate walls.


  The species P. mugo, P. nigra and P. silvestris cannot be distinguished on the basis of their wood anatomy.

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