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Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco

Douglas Fir, Oregon Pine



Transversal section

  Early- to latewood transition generally rather sharp, but in fast growing trees from Europe, broad growth rings with continuous early- to latewood transition. Resin canals with thick-walled epithelial cells.

Radial section

  Tracheid pits almost uniseriate, rarely biseriate. Rays heterocellular. Taxodioid pits (in earlywood) to piceoid (in latewood). Cross-fields from parenchyma cells to tracheids with 2 to 4 pits. Indentures present in horizontal ray parenchyma cell walls at junction with tangential end walls. Distinct, delicate spiral thickenings.

Tangential section

  Average height of rays 8 to 15 cells, sometimes more. Rays occasionally biseriate. Round, thick-walled ray cells, in rays resin canals with thick-walled epithelial cells.

Key characters

  Resin canals with thick-walled epithelial cells. Spiral thickenings.


  Intensively planted in Europe since approximatively 1850 (native to North America).

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