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Ribes alpinum L.

Alpine Currant



Transversal section

  Diffuse- to almost semi-ring-porous wood. Pores rather small, infrequent, solitary or in small clusters. Pores often in more or less tangentially orientated or oblique bands or groups. Growth ring boundaries generally indistinct, with 1 to 3 rows of radially flattened, thicker-walled latewood cells. Rather thick-walled ground tissue. Sparse apotracheal parenchyma cells.

Radial section

  Scalariform perforation plates with 8 to 14 bars. Uniseriate rays with square and upright cells, multiseriate rays heterogeneous with one to some rows of square and upright cells. Libriform fibres frequent, fibre-tracheids rare.

Tangential section

  Numerous low, uniseriate, heterogeneous rays and multiseriate, 4 to 15 cells wide rays, spindle-shapened, often over 2mm high. In these wide rays sheath cells present.

Key characters

  Diffuse- to semi-ring-porous. Rays uniseriate and multiseriate, heterogeneous. Scalariform perforation plates.


  The wood of the two Ribes species R. uva-crispa and R. alpinum cannot be differentiated on the basis of their wood anatomy.

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