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Sambucus nigra L.

Elder, Alpine Elder, Bow Tree



Transversal section

  Semi-ring- to diffuse-porous, thin-walled pores, grouped in oblique and tangential clusters. Occasionally thin-walled tyloses in pores. Growth-ring boundaries generally distinct, marked by a conspicuous difference in size of earlywood and latewood pores and often marginal bands of thin-walled vascular tracheids. Parenchyma apotracheal.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Heterogeneous rays, generally with 1 to 2 (occasionally up to 5) rows of square and upright sheath cells. Vessel pits round, ray-vessel pits large and more oval. Libriform fibres present, fibre tracheids absent. In the latewood often a wide band of vascular tracheids.

Tangential section

  Rays generally bi- to 4-seriate, with sheath cells. Ray height 10 to 30 cells.

Key characters

  Semi-ring- to diffuse-porous. Pores in clusters. Rays heterogeneous, with sheath cells. Often a band of vascular tracheids in the end of latewood.


  The wood of the two species S. nigra and S. racemosa cannot be differentiated on the basis of their wood anatomy.

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