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Tilia cordata Mill.

Small-leaf Lime



Transversal section

  Diffuse- to semi-ring-porous. Pores often in radially oriented files and clusters. Pores slightly polygonal. Growth ring boundaries marked by 2 to 3 rows of thick-walled, radially flattened cells and distinctly flaring rays. Apotracheal parenchyma generally in short, uniseriate, oblique to tangential bands, often also terminal.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Conspicuous spiral thickenings in vessels. Generally homogeneous rays, occasionally also with a row of square marginal cells. Uniseriate rays generally composed of upright cells. Ground tissue predominantly composed of libriform fibres, seldom fibre-tracheids. Ray-vessel pits numerous and small.

Tangential section

  Rays generally bi- to 4-seriate, rarely 5- to 6-seriate. Ray height very variable, often up to 10 cells, sometimes up to 50 or more cells. Ray cells small, axial-oval.

Key characters

  Diffuse-porous. Radially orientated pore files and clusters. 3- to 4-seriate homogeneous rays. Rays flare along growth ring boundaries. Perforation plates simple. Distinct spiral thickenings.


  The wood of the two species T. cordata and T. platyphyllos cannot be differentiated on the basis of their wood anatomy.

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