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Ulmus laevis Pallas

Spreading Branched Elm



Transversal section

  Ring-porous, 1 to 3 rows of earlywood-pores. Pores in latewood grouped in more or less long, tangential to oblique, bi- to 4-seriate bands together with vascular tracheids and parenchyma. Occasionally tyloses in earlywood. Groundtissue thick-walled. Paratracheal parenchyma abundant in earlywood and among vessel groups in latewood.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Spiral thickenings in vessels, distinct in small vessels. Rays generally homogeneous to slightly heterogeneous with one row of square marginal cells. Libriform fibres and vascular tracheids present.

Tangential section

  Rays generally 4- to 5-seriate, occasionally narrower or wider. Ray height: 30 to 60 cells.

Key characters

  Ring-porous. Latewood pores in tangential bands. Rays 4- to 5-seriate.


  The wood of the three Ulmus species (U. campestris L., U. scabra Mill., U. laevis Pallas) cannot be differentiated on the basis of anatomic characteristics.

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