The Predators' Return! What's the reaction of the public?

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Landscape and Society a few words

...and in more detail
A short article on the project purposes, methods and first results

and further publications of the project

First results of a representative survey in Switzerland
Why (or why not) are large carnivores welcome?

The "state of the art"
A - never complete! - literature overview and
some links to related projects and organisations elsewhere

Nothing than fairy tails about the wolf?
A background article on the role of predators in mythology.

Detailed reports are published in:
Hunziker, M. & Landolt, R. (Eds.) 2001: Humans and Predators in Europe -
Research on how society is coping with the return of wild predators.
For. Snow Landsc. Res. 76, 1/2: 1-326:
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