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  alle Arten Distribution of all species: Distribution maps of more than 2600 plant species are available as GIF images. The plant names to select are in Latin, German, French and Italian. Additionally, Red List data and Landolt's indicator values are displayed.
  Seltenste Arten Distribution of rarest species: 132 distribution maps of very rare plants taken from the publication 'Merkblätter Artenschutz: Blütenpflanzen und Farne' (1999. Käsermann C. und Moser D.M.).

Mapping areas: The distribution maps are based on an inventory conducted in 1967-79, for which information on species occurrences in 593 contiguous mapping areas was collected nationwide.

  Artenvielfalt Species richness: Information on regional diversity such as absolute number of species, simulated number of species, number of neophytes etc. The information comes in the form of commented maps.(German and italian only)
  Floristische Muster Floristic regions: Based on floristic similarities mapping areas are grouped in floristic regions. Results are based on classification algorithms of severals species combinations.(German only)
  Entstehung des Atlas History of the data set: The development from the Floristic Mapping of Switzerland (1967-79) to the digital datas base. The most important factors determining regional species diversity are discussed as well as the question of the data quality.(German only)
  Neue Fundmeldungen Register new sitings: A direct link to the center of the data network of the Swiss Flora, where new sitings can be recorded. There you will find further information on the Red List and synonyms of species names etc.
  Herbaria: Direct link to the database of the combined herbaria of the University and the ETH of Zurich. Fotos of 13'000 specimen from the type collection with total 3.5 Mio specimen.
  Flora Literatur Literature: For more specific information with respect to single species, regional floras or vegetation, references are given in geographically structured lists (cantons, countries). Related subjects such as immigration of species, origin of species, species richness etc. can be found, as well. References are not complete.(Results in German only)
  Flora Links What's related: Have a look at some related sites.

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