Archive (reduzed file sizes)

You are currently on the archive-site hosted by the Swiss Federal Research institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. This site provides climate layers as produced by the CHELSA project.

Be aware that the climatic layers provided here are smaller in disk space than the original layers provided on the CHELSA archive site. Compression of file-size is achieved by providing 2-byte integer layers:

  • Precipitation is rounded to integers and the provided unit is [mm].
  • Temperature layers are rounded to 0.1°C and provided in the unit [1/10°C].

Version 1.0

Mean annual values, reference period 1979-2013. Version 1.0

Mean annual temperature [1/10°Celsius]
Mean annual precipitation [mm/year] (without gauge correction)

Mean monthly temperature values, reference period 1979-2013. Version 1.0

Units: temperature [1/10°Celsius]

Mean january temperature
Mean february temperature
Mean march temperature
Mean april temperature
Mean may temperature
Mean june temperature
Mean july temperature
Mean august temperature
Mean september temperature
Mean october temperature
Mean november temperature
Mean december temperature

Mean monthly precipitation values, reference period 1979-2013. Version 1.0

Units: precipitation [mm] (without gauge correction)

Mean january precipitation
Mean february precipitation
Mean march precipitation
Mean april precipitation
Mean may precipitation
Mean june precipitation
Mean july precipitation
Mean august precipitation
Mean september precipitation
Mean october precipitation
Mean november precipitation
Mean december precipitation