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International Framework

In 1997, based on ten years of monitoring forest condition in Europe for estimating direct effects by air pollution on forest trees, the UN/ECE concluded that ozone is the main parameter to be considered. The Task Force of ICP-Forests further agreed in June 1999 – based on a report prepared by the working group on Ambient Air Quality of the expert panel on deposition – that data on air concentrations of ozone need to be implemented in the ICP-Level II monitoring. In December 1999, ministers from more than 20 countries signed the Gothenburg Protocol to abate acidification, eutrophication and ground-level ozone. The 1st Training Course on "Assessment of Ozone Visual Injury" was organized by CEAM and held in Morella, Spain, in September 2000. The Submanual for the Assessment of Ozone Injury on European Forest Ecosystems was adopted at the 17th Task Force Meeting in Ennis, Ireland in May 2001 and first assessments are planned for the season of 2001.

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The 2nd Intercalibration Course

The 2nd International Intercalibration Course on Visible Ozone Injury in the Field is organized by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL in cooperation with our Italian colleagues from the Universtiy of Florence. The main purpose of the course will be to discuss first experiences with the application of the Sub-Manual which were gained during the season of 2001. In September 2000, Maria Sanz and Georg Krause managed not only to organize a very productive Intercalibration Course in the mountainous terrain of Morella in Spain but also to drive persistently forward the improvement of the Sub-Manual to it's final stage where it got adopted at the 17th Task Force meeting in Ennis, Ireland in May 2001. It is our honor to host the 2nd Intercalibration Course in Switzerland and Italy in order to continue and support this international efforts to reduce the effects of tropospheric ozone air pollution on forest vegetation.

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Asta Abraitiené Lithuania
Jean-Pierre Arend Luxembourg
Antonio Ballarin-Denti Italy
George Baloutsos Greece
Seraina Bassin Switzerland
Annemarie Bastrup-Birk Denmark
Mrs Blank Germany
Peter Bleuler Switzerland
Isabella Børja Norway
Mark Broadmeadow United Kingdom
Václav Buriánek Czech Republic
Filippo Bussotti Italy
Vicent Calatayud Spain
Giandiego Campetella Italy
Thomas Cech Austria
Julia Cervero Spain
Alberto Cozzi Italy
Laurence Dalstein France
Hans-Peter Dietrich Germany
António Ferreira Portugal
Giacomo Gerosa Italy
Madeleine S. Günthardt-Goerg Switzerland
Elisabetta Gravano Italy
Günter Hartmann Germany
Thomas Haussmann Germany
Christian Hug Switzerland
Iveta Indriksone Latvia
Norbert Kraeuchi Switzerland
Georg Krause Germany
Mayte Minaya Spain
Hana Molnárová Slovak Republic
Serge Normand France
Kristopher Novak USA
Maria Filomena Mateus Portugal
Bernhard Oester Switzerland
Teodora Orendovici Rumania
Enrico Pompei Italy
David Rose United Kingdom
Jesús Santamaría Ulecia Spain
Maria José Sanz Spain
Marcus Schaub Switzerland
Judit Sitkey Hungary
John Skelly USA
Sirkka Sutinen Finnland
András Szepesi Hungary
Corrado Tani Italy
Evert Vel European Commission/ FIMCI
Pierre Vollenweider Switzerland

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Ozone guide

book cover

Innes,J.L., Skelly, J.M., Schaub, M., 2001: Ozone and broadleaved species Ozon Laubholz- und Krautpflanzen. 136 S.,
zahlr. Farbfot., kart. DEM 59.80/ ATS 437.–*/ CHF 48.– (€ 29.90) + postage ) ISBN 3-258-06384-2
(order form [pdf])

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Validation Centres

For the co-ordination of ozone injury assessments Regional Validation Centres have been set up:

Centre for southern Europe: Fundación CEAM (Spain)

Centre for central Europe: WSL, Birmensdorf (Switzerland)

Centre for northern Europe: FFRI, Joensuu (Finland); DFLR, Roskilde (Denmark)

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