9.1 soilprop.for 

This simple program enables to integrate layered soil profile data for available water holding capacity and soil permeability as provided on the web in the MUIR database. The program is not very much elaborated and needs some manual data preparation. Once prepared the program integrates the layered data into a summary per profile and soil type. If more than one profile is provided per soil type then it is the userís choice to manually integrate the summarized data into a single value, or to leave the information as generated from this routine.

The description of this Program is not finalized, yet.

General specifications of the AML:

Command: soilprop
Required input:
Output units:
Speed of calculations:
Flexibility of the routine:
User interface:
Known errors:  -
Programmer N.E. Zimmermann
Download: soilprop.for       (use: "save link as")
Contact: niklaus.zimmermann @ wsl.ch




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Last Updated: 8/04/99
By Niklaus E. Zimmermann