Tools for analyzing, summarizing, and mapping of
biophysical variables

Niklaus E. Zimmermann

Direct Normal Radiation
during 1989
14 day intervals
Wasatch Front, Salt Lake City, UT
Average Daily Temperature
Normals of 1961-1990
monthly average
Western Uinta Mtns., UT
Normals of 1961-1990
monthly average
Western Uinta Mtns., UT


Short Introduction

Following is a list and description of programs (Fortran 77) and routines (AML) written and/or improved during the 6-month work in the SERDP project with Doug Ramsey. Some of the AMLs are derived from other sources as indicated below, and have been used and adjusted to SERDP needs. Some of these programs and routines I have developed during my postdoc with Dave Roberts working on LAASIM and other vegetation modeling projects. Some of the programs and codes are rather well developed and include user guidance and simple interfaces, while others are very crude and preliminary. They may leave the untrained user staying frustrated in cold rain…. I might find some time in the future to polish them, but at the moment they are how they are, and you use them at your own risk.


Available AMLs and Fortran codes     

               Arc/Info - AMLs

               1. Solar Radiation Routines
               2. Climate Mapping Routines
               3. Evapotranspiration Routines
               4. Topographic Position Mapping Routines
               5. Soil Property Mapping Routines
               6. Site Water Balance Mapping Routines
                      ForTran - Codes

                        7. Climate Data Analsysis Programs
                        8. Moving Window Regression Programs
                        9. Soil Profile Analysis Program
                      10. Testing Predictive (simulated) Maps

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