LWF site Celerina

Meteorological measurements LWFMatthias Häni, Stefan Hunzikercontinuously27.08.1997
Atmospheric deposition (throughfall and bulk deposition) LWFAnne Thimonierfortnightly13.07.1999
Moss analyses LWFLotti Thöni (FUB, Rapperswil) sporadically2005,2010,2015
Litterfall LWFAnne Thimonierevery 4 to 8 weeks13.07.1999
Foliar analyses LWFAnne Thimonierbi-annually1997- (Pinus cembra)
Circular vegetation plots LWFAnne Thimonierevery 2 to 10 years10.09.1996
Permanent vegetation quadrats LWFAnne Thimonierevery 2 to 10 years10.09.1996
Ground vegetation sampling (N-Cycle)Sophia Etzoldonce21.07.2011
Leaf area index (LAI) LWFAnne Thimonierevery 2 to 10 years04.08.1997
Phenological observations LWFAnne Thimonierfortnightly13.07.1999
Soil morphology LWFLorenz Walthertonce20.08.1996
Soil matrix chemistry LWFLorenz Walthertonce20.08.1996
Matric potential (manual suction cups) LWFKatrin Meusburgerfortnightly10.08.1999-01.05.2022
Soil solution chemistry (lysimeters) LWFKatrin Meusburgerfortnightly21.09.1999
isotope composition of nitrate in soil solution LWFElisabeth Graf Pannatierfortnightly01.01.2012
EC-5 soil water content measurement LWFPeter Waldnercontinuously01.07.2010
SwissSPOT - Measuring the soil water situation on LWF sitesKatrin Meusburgercontinuously21.11.2019
Soil gas exchange N2O, CO2, CH4Stephan Zimmermannfortnightly15.09.2007-2009
Passive sampling of O3 LWFMarcus Schaubfortnightly2002-2004
Symptoms of O3 injuries LWFMarcus Schaubannually24.08.2002
Tree Diameter and Height Inventory LWFArthur Gessler5 years31.12.1999
Crown Condition Assessment and Damage Cause Assessment LWFArthur Gesslerannually22.10.1996
Deadwood survey LWF 2013 - line intersectPeter Waldner10 years22.10.2013
Deadwood survey LWF 2005 - subplot (Forets Biota)Silvia Stofer10 years27.09.2005
Deadwood survey LWF 2013 - subplotPeter Waldner10 years21.10.2013
Deadwood sampling at Sanasilva and LWF sitesPeter Waldneronce01.07.2009
Manual circumference band measurement LWFArthur Gesslerannually30.10.2001
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (dominant trees) LWFPaolo Cherubinionce1998 (1768-1998)
Tree pathogen interactions at LWF sitesDaniel Riglingonce20.08.1996