LWF site Othmarsingen

Meteorological measurements LWFMatthias Hänicontinuously23.04.1996
Atmospheric deposition (throughfall and bulk deposition) LWFAnne Thimonierfortnightly17.10.1994
Stemflow analyses LWFAnne Thimonierfortnightly30.05.2000-17.04.2002, 23.12.2013-
Moss analyses LWFLotti Thöni (FUB, Rapperswil) sporadically2005,2010,2015
Litterfall LWFAnne Thimonierevery 4 to 8 weeks12.06.1998-11.06.1999
Foliar analyses LWFAnne Thimonierbi-annually1997- (Fagus sylvatica)
Phenols and pigments in beech leaves with ozone symptomsPierre Vollenweideronce30.08.2003
Circular vegetation plots LWFAnne Thimonierevery 2 to 10 years13.07.1994
Permanent vegetation quadrats LWFAnne Thimonierevery 2 to 10 years20.07.1998
Ground vegetation sampling (N-Cycle)Sophia Etzoldonce27.06.2011
Leaf area index (LAI) LWFAnne Thimonierevery 2 to 10 years04.07.2001
Phenological observations LWFAnne Thimonierfortnightly17.10.1994
Soil morphology LWFLorenz Walthertonce07.07.1994
Soil matrix chemistry LWFLorenz Walthertonce07.07.1994
Sentinels of Soil Organic Matter VulnerabilityTim Eglintononce2014-2014
Soil Organic Matter Fate (SwissSOM - SOMFate)Samuel Abivenonce16.07.2014
Matric potential (manual suction cups) LWFKatrin Meusburgerfortnightly30.06.1998
Soil solution chemistry (lysimeters) LWFKatrin Meusburgerfortnightly31.10.1998-04.02.2000
isotope composition of nitrate in soil solution LWFElisabeth Graf Pannatierfortnightly01.01.2012
TDR soil water content measuremments LWF VispKatrin Meusburgercontinuously
EC-5 soil water content measurement LWFPeter Waldnercontinuously01.07.2010
MPS-2 soil water matrix potential LWFKatrin Meusburgercontinuously
TDR PfynwaldKatrin Meusburgercontinuously
10-HS PfynwaldKatrin Meusburgercontinuously
MPS-2 on LWF Visp to survey 2017 mortality waveKatrin Meusburgercontinuously
Soil gas exchange N2O, CO2, CH4Stephan Zimmermannfortnightly07.11.2007-2009
Passive sampling of O3 LWFMarcus Schaubfortnightly2000-
Continuous measurement of O3 LWFMarcus Schaubcontinuously
Symptoms of O3 injuries LWFMarcus Schaubannually2002-
Tree Diameter and Height Inventory LWFArthur Gessler5 years31.05.2000
Crown Condition Assessment and Damage Cause Assessment SanasilvaArthur Gesslerannually
Crown Condition Assessment and Damage Cause Assessment LWFArthur Gesslerannually23.08.1995
Deadwood survey Sanasilva 2013Peter Waldner10 years
Deadwood survey LWF 2013 - line intersectPeter Waldner10 years13.09.2013
Deadwood survey LWF 2013 - subplotPeter Waldner10 years10.09.2013
Deadwood survey LWF 2005 - subplot (Forets Biota)Silvia Stofer10 years11.10.2005
Deadwood survey LWF 1995 - line intersectMatthias Dobbertin, Nathalie Bretz Gubi10 years1995-1995
Deadwood sampling at Sanasilva and LWF sitesPeter Waldneronce01.07.2009
Sapflow measurements LWFChristian Hugcontinuously
Manual circumference band measurement LWFArthur Gesslerannually22.10.2001
Automated point dendrometer measurements at LWF sitesRoman Zweifelcontinuously
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (dominant trees) LWFPaolo Cherubinionce1999 (1889-1999)
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (CATS) adjacent to LWF sitesPascale Weberonce16.05.2007 (Bu)
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (IsoN) adjacent to LWF sitesGreg Tomlinsononce2012-2012
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (subplot) LWFStefan Klesseonce
Stem discs LWFPaolo Cherubinisporadically10.03.1994
Saproxylic beetles LWFThibault Lachat fortnightly2010-2011
Tree pathogen interactions at LWF sitesDaniel Riglingonce07.07.1994
Phytophthora Throughfall LWFDaniel Riglingonce04.10.2010
Phytophthora Soil 2012 LWFDaniel Riglingonce01.01.2012