Incidents involving trees LWF
Incidents installations LWF
Meteorological measurements LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Below canopy climate and climate trends LWF
Teabag - Global Litter Decomposition Studyxxxxx
SPP II Phosphor - Forest Strategies for limited Phosphorus Resources x
Keysom - Key to soil organic matter dynamics and modellingxxxx
Atmospheric deposition (throughfall and bulk deposition) LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stemflow analyses LWFxxxxx
Cesium LWFx
Moss analyses LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Interactive effects of CO2 and light conditions on conifer drought resistance at LWF sitesx
Litterfall LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Foliar analyses LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phenols and pigments in beech leaves with ozone symptomsxxxxxxx
Forest Ecosystem responses to climatic driversxx
Fluorometry LWFx
Circular vegetation plots LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Permanent vegetation quadrats LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ground vegetation sampling BEAx
Ground vegetation sampling BEA, SCHxx
Ground vegetation sampling (N-Cycle)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Leaf area index (LAI) LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phenological observations LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Soil morphology LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Soil matrix chemistry LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SOM control - Controls on soil organic matter in Swiss forest soils: The impact of forest productivity, land-use history, climate and physico-chemical stabilization
Sentinels of Soil Organic Matter Vulnerabilityxxxxx
Sentinels of Soil Organic Matter Vulnerability
Soil Organic Matter Fate (SwissSOM - SOMFate)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Modelling of Soil Organic Matter Dynamics
Organic matter dynamics in the plant-soil system under drought: investigating the importance of roots in the soil carbon stabilization using 13C, 2H, 18O Multi-isotope-labelling technique
Matric potential (manual suction cups) LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Matric potential (automatic suction cups)xx
PF curvex
Soil solution chemistry (lysimeters) LWFxxxxxxxxxx
isotope composition of nitrate in soil solution LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DOP - Dissolved organic phoshorus: fluxes and ist role for ecosystem nutrition (in the frame of SPP 1685 Ecosystem Nutrition)x
14C of DOC in soil solution
Sampling of a water source LWF Lausannex
TDR soil water content measuremments LWF Vispx
EC-5 soil water content measurement LWFxxxxxxxxxxx
MPS-2 soil water matrix potential LWFx
10-HS Pfynwald
TDR Pfynwald
MPS-2 on LWF Visp to survey 2017 mortality wavex
FireLess II at LWF sitesxxxxxxxx
Soil gas exchange N2O, CO2, CH4xxxxxxxxxxx
litter decompositionxxxxx
Soil temperaturexxxxx
Litter layer humidity and temperaturexxxxxx
C-flux within the root systems of treesx
Passive sampling of O3 LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Continuous measurement of O3 LWFxxxxx
Symptoms of O3 injuries LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tree Diameter and Height Inventory LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Crown Condition Assessment and Damage Cause Assessment Sanasilva
Crown Condition Assessment and Damage Cause Assessment LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ash decay monitoring
Deadwood survey LWF 2013 - line intersectxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Deadwood survey LWF 2013 - subplotxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Deadwood survey LWF 2005 - subplot (Forets Biota)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Deadwood survey LWF 1995 - line intersectxxxxxxxxxxx
Deadwood survey Sanasilva 2013
Deadwood sampling at Sanasilva and LWF sitesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sapflow measurements LWFxxx
automatic circumference band measurementxx
Manual circumference band measurement LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Automated point dendrometer measurements at LWF sitesxx
TreeNet - The biological drought and growth indicator networkxxxxxxxx
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (dominant trees) LWFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (CATS) adjacent to LWF sitesxxxx
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (IsoN) adjacent to LWF sitesxxxxxx
Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (subplot) LWFxxx
Isotope (C,N,O) analyses in tree rings at LWF site Laegerenx
Stem discs LWFxxx
SPREAD - Estimation of Fuel Properties for Fire Risk Predictionx
Rapid biodiversity assessment of insects LWF
Saproxylic beetles LWFxx
truffel observation at LWF sitesx
Aerial photographs LWF
Integrated Carbon Observation System -LWF Davos Seehornwaldx
Tree pathogen interactions at LWF sitesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phytophthora Throughfall LWFxxxxxx
Phytophthora Soil 2012 LWFxxxxxxxxx
Ektomykorrhiza LWFxx
Genetic analyses LWFx
Acoustic detection of bat activity in forest habitat: importance of vertical distribution and stand type LWFx