Thimonier A (1998) Measurement of atmospheric deposition under forest canopies: some recommendations for equipment and sampling design. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 53 (3): 353-387. [10.1023/A:1005853429853]


atmospheric deposition, atmospheric deposition methodology- sampling- spatial variation temporal variation throughfall- stemflow- water chemistry


Quantification of the forest water flux provides valuable information for the understanding of forest ecosystem functioning. As such throughfall (and stemflow to a lesser extent) has been frequently measured. Although throughfall collection may seem relatively simple, the requirements to obtain reliable estimates are often underestimated. This review addresses the criteria to take into account when working out the sampling procedure, from the selection of equipment to implementation in the field. Sound sampling of the forest water flux is difficult due to its high spatial and temporal variation. The high costs entailed by the ideal sampling design often prohibit its implementation. Different procedures are available, some of which are compromises between the aim of the study (monitoring or experimental study, short or long term objectives, absolute or relative estimates, quality of the assessment to be achieved) and the available means.

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