Bussotti F, Schaub M, Cozzi A, Kräuchi N, Ferretti M, Novak K, Skelly JM (2003) Assessment of ozone visible symptoms in the field: perspectives of quality control. Environmental Pollution, 125: 81-89. [10.1016/S0269-7491(03)00095-2]


ozone, above-ground part of trees, Methods: field study, field study


The 2nd UN/ECE ICP-Forests Intercalibration Course on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury on European Plant Species was carried out in August 2001 at Lattecaldo (Canton Ticino, CH) and Moggio (Lombardy, I). About 50 people, from several European and North American countries participated at the exercises and assessed ozone visible symptoms under both, OTC- (Lattecaldo) and field- (Moggio) conditions. The results indicated a large variability among the team in the evaluation of the symptoms and call for an adequate training of the observers prior to the symptom assessment in order to achieve accurate results. The most relevant problems were found on the species where the symptoms were not clear or could be confused with the senescence processes. The authors give some suggestions as how to improve the reliability of the assessment techniques.

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