Rieder SR, Brunner I, Horvat M, Jacobs A, Frey B (2011) Accumulation of mercury and methylmercury by mushrooms and earthworms from forest soils. Environmental Pollution, 159 (10): 2861-2869. [10.1016/j.envpol.2011.04.040]




Accumulation of total and methyl-Hg by mushrooms and earthworms was studied in thirty-four natural forest soils strongly varying in soil physico-chemical characteristics. Tissue Hg concentrations of both receptors did hardly correlate with Hg concentrations in soil. Both total and methyl-Hg concentrations in tissues were species-specific and dependent on the ecological groups of receptor. Methyl-Hg was low accounting for less than 5 and 8% of total Hg in tissues of mushrooms and earthworms, respectively, but with four times higher concentrations in earthworms than mushrooms. Total Hg concentrations in mushrooms averaged 0.96 mg Hg kg?1 dw whereas litter decomposing mushrooms showed highest total Hg and methyl-Hg concentrations. Earthworms contained similar Hg concentrations (1.04 mg Hg kg?1 dw) whereas endogeic earthworms accumulated highest amounts of Hg and methyl-Hg.

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Network: LWF, Sites: Alptal;Bettlachstock;Jussy;Lausanne;Neunkirch;Novaggio;Othmarsingen;Schänis;Visp;Vordemwald, Category: ISI,