Alveteg M, Sverdrup H, Kurz D (1998) Integrated assessment of soil chemical status. 1. Integration of existing models and derivation of a regional database for Switzerland. Water Air and Soil Pollution, 105 (1-2): 1-9. [10.1023/a:1005057610042]


dynamic modeling;INITSAFE;MAKEDEP;recovery;SAFE;soil acidification


A regional soil acidification model was developed by integration and adaptation of existing models. The regional model consists of the dynamic multi-layer soil chemistry model SAFE, its steady-state version INITSAFE, the atmospheric deposition and nutrient uptake reconstruction model MAKEDEP, and a routine with empirical relations concerning depth-dependent parameters. A scheme for the extraction of input to the regional model from available information of different geographical detail also was developed. Basic data sources considered were: 1) national surveys such as the National Forest Inventory, covering site specific information, 2) available point measurements of parameter values, and 3) literature sources. Not all parameters were available on a regional scale with sufficient resolution. Input required for the model calculations therefore was derived from the available data sources by means of transfer algorithms including spatial interpolation. Interpolation was done allocating parameter values determined at reference sites to conventionally mapped entities such as geological units, soil type, and other kinds of geographical information. The exercise resulted in a data base of the required 68 site-specific parameter values covering climatic, deposition and land use parameters, as well as stand characteristics and soil properties.

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