Ferretti M, Bussotti F, Calatayud V, Sanz MJ, Schaub M, Kräuchi N, Petriccione B, Sanchez-Peña G, Ulrich E (2007) Ozone and forests in South-Western Europe. Environmental Pollution , 145: 617-619. [10.1016/j.envpol.2006.02.026]


Forests; Monitoring network; Ozone; Europe; Defoliation; Visible injury


The paper provides basic information about background, objectives and structure of O3SWE (Ozone at the permanent monitoring plots in South-Western Europe), an international co-operative project aimed at evaluating O3 concentrations, cumulative exposure, uptake and effects on forest vegetation in four countries of South-Western Europe (France, Italy, Luxenbourg, Spain and Switzerland). The project covers a total of 83 permanent plots of the EU and UN/ECE intensive forest monitoring programme and span over three years of investigation (2000e2002). The O3SWE project aims to demonstrate how, using data collected routinely in an intensive forest monitoring network, O3 exposure, flux and effects can be assessed and exceedances critically evaluated.

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