Ferretti M, Bussotti F, Calatayud V, Schaub M, Kräuchi N, Petriccione B, Sanchez-Peña G, Sanz MJ, Ulrich E (2007) Ozone and forests in South-Western Europe - What have we learned?. Environmental Pollution , 145: 652-655. [10.1016/j.envpol.2006.02.027]


Forests; Ozone; Europe


Monitoring of forest condition and ozone (O3) at 83 sites in France, Italy, Luxenbourg, Spain and Switzerland resulted in a number of findings in relation to the knowledge of O3 exposure (concentration and cumulative AOT40), feasibility of the assessment of stomatal O3 flux and relationships between O3 and crown defoliation of beech and visible symptoms on native vegetation. However, the project provides evidence of issues to be addressed within the current monitoring system (data quality, validation sites and response indicators) and indications as to how the monitoring of O3 risk in the context of an effect-oriented monitoring program can be improved.

LWF Classification

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