Schaub M, Calatayud V (2013) Chapter 11 - Assessment of Visible Foliar Injury Induced by Ozone. In: M. Ferretti, R. Fischer (ed.) Forest Monitoring - Methods for terrestrial investigations in Europe with an overview of North America and Asia, Developments in Environmental Science, Elsevier, , 12: 205-221. [10.1016/B978-0-08-098222-9.00011-X]


Ozone, Symptoms, Risk assessment, Forests, Europe


There is ample evidence that current concentrations of tropospheric ozone (O3) cause negative effects on plants. The present chapter describes a systematic and statistical sound way of monitoring visible injury at the European intensive monitoring plots that may allow detecting spatial and temporal trends on a national or transnational scale. The extended database of monitoring data from different forest ecosystems in more than 15 European countries and covering the past 10 years provides a solid basis for O3 risk assessment. In combination with the current assessment of O3 visible injury on forest plants that are grown under natural field conditions, further, long-term studies of physiological measurements are needed to gain a better understanding of the complex interactions between plants and atmosphere, in particular, when considering climate change that may alter the risk of O3 for our forests.

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