Dendro Database Surfer

Dendro Database Surfer

The Dendro Database Surfer allows to access all information in the Dendro Database and to download the tree ring data in TUCSON format.

Example how to use the Dendro Database Surfer

  1. Startup: Open the Dendro Database Surfer.
    » The table at the top of the screen lists all database tables available for searching.
    » A click in the radio button displays a search form for the table.
    » The table name link opens a popup window with a short description of the table.

  2. Search: Select the COUNTRIES table, type e.g. US in the Country Code field and hit Return or the Search button.

    In TEXT columns (code, name, remark, description, ...) the following wildcards can be used for searching:
    '_' for one character
    '%' for any number of characters

    In NUMBER columns (year, height, angle, coverage, ...) the following operators can be used for searching:
    '=' equal to (default)
    '%' for any number of characters
    '!=', '<>' not equal to
    '<' less than
    '<=' less than or equal to
    '>' greater than
    '>=' greater than or equal to
    'IN' in list (e.g. IN (1,3,55))
    'NOT IN' not in list
    'BETWEEN' values (e.g. BETWEEN 15 AND 20)
    » The search result is always presented in tabular form. The leftmost column may contain links which lead to related records in other available tables of the database (e.g. Sampled Sites).

  3. Navigation: Click on the link Sampled Sites
    » The result can be sorted by using the (ascending) or (descending) arrows in the column headings.
    » From here links to Chronologies, Samples and Trees are available.
    » The link Map switches to the Dendrochronology GIS-Viewer and highlights the selected site on a World Vegetation Cover Map.
    » The link Download switches to the download page.

  4. Data Download: For each site the raw data can be downloaded in TUCSON format. The column Site Data Url leads to the data files. Login and password are guest/guest.

  5. Cite the data source: WSL Dendro Database, Switzerland.