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Welcome to the Seehornwald Davos research site in the Swiss Alps


NEWS: New 360° camera online.
The SwissPhenocam project aims at a nationwide, automatic recording of the phenology of Swiss forest trees based on image material.

The research site Seehronwald is dedicated to forest ecosystem research. On 21 November 2019 the infrastructure was awarded the CLASS 1 label by ICOS.

Current research projects focus on topics of climate change, ecosystem carbon balance, ecophysiology, vegetation and soil sciences.

The Seehornwald Davos site belongs to one of the best equipped long-term forest ecology research sites of the world.

Time series of climate variables, ecosystem gas exchange (eddy covariance), tree physiology records (sap flow, stem radius changes), and air pollution data cover the history of this site over more than 20 years. (see site description). Records of local climate variables started in 1876. Since 2013 the site is part of ICOS.

The Seehornwald Davos site is jointly run by

the National Air Pollution Monitoring Network (EMPA/BAFU),

the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ),

and the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL in Birmensdorf and Davos.

We are grateful to forest owners and to the forestry service of the community of Davos for their continuous support.

The Seehornwald Davos site is part of several national and international networks (see Links) and encourages further synergistic collaborations with scientists from all over the world.