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The Akademik Tryoshnikov is anchored at Cape Baranov, Bolshevik Island, bringing supplies to the Russian research station. Photo: Fabian Fopp.

WSL doctoral student Joël Rüthi spent five weeks aboard an icebreaker. A logbook contribution about the search for Arctic soil microbes.

An interview with Dr Nadine Salzmann, head of the SLF's Alpine Environment and Natural Hazards research unit since mid-October.

With measuring material across one of the many meltwater streams on Glacier de la Plaine Morte (BE). (Picture: M. Huss)

Despite lots of snow in winter and a mild summer, the Swiss glaciers have lost about 400 million tonnes of ice since September 2020.

Young Norway spruces from several populations in the tree nursery near Matzendorf in the Canton of Solothurn. (Photo Aline Frank / WSL)

How genome analyses can help us to understand the forest ecosystem and adapt it to climate change was the subject of a conference at WSL.