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The Social Media Hub provides an overview on the WSL's activity on various social media channels.




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What is a healthy forest? This question has been a concern of the WSL for over 100 years. A look back and forward in the magazine Diagonal.

Borkenkäfer, eingeschleppte Pilze und Wildverbiss: Der Waldschutzüberblick 2020 informiert über die Herausforderungen für Schweizer Wälder.

TerraRadTech brings a breakthrough water detection device to agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Low-branched  fallen trees, now heavily decomposed, in a part of the Bödmerenwald where Storm Vivian brought down many trees in 1990.

The Bödmerenwald near Muotathal has seen a significant increase in wood volume, dead wood and small habitats for insects and fungi.