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Research Unit Colloquia

  • Long colloquia last approx. 1h (45'+15')
  • Medium-length colloquia last approx. 50' (35'+15')
  • Short colloquia last approx. 35' (25'+10')

Depending on the interests of the participants, the invitation will only be distributed internally or widely.


List of all RU-Colloquia

Datum 2022Zeit, OrtDauerTitelAutor
31.01.202213:00, Zoom25'Hydrological predictions in an era of change: chances and challengesDr. Elham Rouholahnejad Freund, ETHZ D-USYS
15.02.202213:00, Zoom25'Carbon isotope discrimination in developing leaves:  implications for inferring intercellular CO2 concentrationDr. Lucas Cernusak, James Cook University, Australia
15.03.202213:00, Zoom25'Remote sensing of intra-annual tree growth dynamicsDr. Jan Eitel, WSL-Fellow, RG Ecophysiology
12.04.202213:00, Englersaal and Zoom25'Unraveling soil organic matter dynamics in a long-term irrigated dry pine forestDr. Claudia Guidi, PostDoc, RG Biogeochemistry
17.05.202213:00, Englersaal and Zoom25'Digitalization in forest monitoring and observationProf. Dr. Arthur Gessler, RG Ecosystem Ecology
07.06.202213:00, Englersaal and Zoom25'Carbon, nutrient and water relationships between mistletoes and its host treesAo Wang, RG Ecophysiology
13.07.202213:00, Englersaal25'Carbon source vs sink controls of forest biomass productionDr. Antoine Cabon, University of Utah
05.09.202213:00, Englersaal25'Local and regional variability in crown dieback of European beech after the 2018 drought depends on climatic and edaphic driversDr. Esther Frei, RG Disturbance Ecology and Dr. Stefan Klesse, RG Dendrosciences
04.10.202213:00, Englersaal25'What makes a Scots pine tree sensitive to climate and how does it die during or after a drought?Dr. Arun Kanti Bose, RG Ecophysiology
08.11.202213:00, Englersaal25'Tritrophic phenological interaction in Swiss forestsSylvain Eichhorn, RG Ecosystem Ecology
12.12.202213:00, Englersaal25'Forest regeneration dynamics and their interaction with biological legacies, particularly deadwoodDavide Marangon, RU Forest Dynamics