Conceptual evaluation of the Swiss landscape monitoring program 2018-2020

Project lead

Felix Kienast


Marcel Hunziker

Project staff

Lina Torregroza

The LABES monitoring instrument has succeeded in bringing Switzerland's landscape monitoring to a high level of quality that has attracted international attention. The aim of this research collaboration between the FOEN and WSL is to continue the LABES project from the 2009-11 period. The aim is to ensure that the indicators are capable of describing changes in the physical and perceived landscape and of measuring the achievement of objectives for the various landscape services. In doing so, the new technological possibilities are to be put to good use and at the same time continuity with the previous surveys is to be ensured. New technologies used are e.g. online surveys with panels or multispectral remote sensing data, which can be used to record land cover or greenery within a year. But also new satellite data on light pollution are used.  In terms of content, a number of additional landscape-relevant topics are to be included, namely the influence of landscape quality contributions (LQP) on the perceived landscape and the changes in the landscape due to the energy system transformation.