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All microtome presented below are for sale!

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One of the central topics in the further development of an ecologically based wood anatomy is the continuous improvement of preparation techniques.

In this regard, the development of new microtomes is crucial for preparing bigger specimen and to enable time series analysis in wood anatomy.

Until recently, the following microtomes have been developed at the wood anatomy lab of the WSL:



The Lab-microtome is designed to cut micro sections of all kind of wooden specimen.

  • The knife holder is placed on a double guided sledge for a precise guidance of the knife.
  • The knife holder as well as the sample holder are adjustable in all directions (vertical + horizontal).
  • The knife holder is designed for disposable blades (NT cutter blades, A-type).
  • Semi-automated uplift of the sample for constant thickness of the samples during the cutting procedure.


Video "the object"

The lab-microtome is a proprietary development of the WSL. It helps to prepare thin section slides for microscopic analysis of wood samples.

More "objects" can be found on YouTube (click on Title)


All microtomes are for sale!