MODOEK - Model Ecosystem Facility

The Model Ecosystem Facility (MODOEK) became operational in 1992. Many long-term interdisciplinary projects have been successfully carried out since its completion. The unit consists of 16 glass-walled open-top chambers each fitted with a sliding roof, whereby each chamber is divided into two semicircular lysimeters.

  • Planted area: 6 m2
  • Above ground chamber volume: 20.1 m3
  • Below ground lysimeter volume: 2 x 4.5 m3

Additional to the glass-walled chambers, are two similar sized open areas without glass walls and roofs. The controlling system closes the roofs automatically to prevent rainwater from entering the chamber. The automatic watering system permits each of the two lysimeters to be watered individually, thus accommodating two different watering systems. Seepage water is collected per lysimeter for analysis. Air temperature and humidity within all chambers and open areas are constantly monitored. Soil temperature and moisture are measured automatically at three different depths per lysimeter; additionally, soil water potential is measured automatically at one soil depth.

Further information concerning measuring methods can be found under technical specifications and at MODOEKvis - R Shiny vizualisation tool for the MODOEK.




Real time data

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Pyranometer, TDR, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, pF-Meter, Point Dendrometer, Watering regime