Research Unit Colloquia

  • Long colloquia last approx. 1h (45'+15')
  • Medium-length colloquia last approx. 50' (35'+15')
  • Short colloquia last approx. 35' (25'+10')

Depending on the interests of the participants, the invitation will only be distributed internally or widely.


List of all RU-Colloquia

Date 2024

Time, Room Duration Title Author
30.01.2024 10:50, Engler-Saal 25' Phenological plasticity: shifting growth and developmental phases of North American tree species in response to environmental stressors Dr. Frederik Baumgarten, Univ. British Columbia, CA
05.03.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25'

Future suitability of the tree species composition in Swiss forests

Dr. Christian Walter Temperli, Forest Resources and Management, Scientific Service NFI

25.03.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25' The interplay of naturalness and disturbances in transforming forests under climate change Dr. Daniel Scherrer, WSL Forest Resources and Management, Plant regeneration ecology
16.04.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25' When peer review fails – the community steps in Dr. Stefan Klesse, Forest Dynamics, Dendrosciences
21.05.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25' Hydraulic constraints at low root temperatures might hold the answer for the cold limit of tree growth PD Dr. Günter Hoch, University Basel
02.07.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25' The hydrogen story – Exploring the non-climatic signals of δ2H in tree rings. Dr. Valentina Vitali, ETHZ
27.08.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25'   Dr. Liangzhi Chen, Forest Dynamics, Ecosystem Ecology
24.09.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25'   Micah Wilhelm & Prof. Dr. Arthur Gessler, Forest Dynamics, Ecosystem Ecology
29.10.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25'   Vivien Sainte Fare Garnot (University Zurich) & Jelle Lever (WSL)
03.12.2024 10:30, Engler-Saal 25'


Giovanni Bortolami & Helena Vallicrosa (EPFL)