Working Groups

For thematic development and enhanced coordination, the research program Energy Change Impact launched working groups focusing on Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Large Energy Research Programmes, oikose, Social Acceptance of Energy Infrastructure, and Energy Research in the Alps.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) in Large Energy Research Programs

Since January 2015, coordinators and managers of the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCERs), NRP 70 and 71 and other related programs have met to inform about ongoing and future activities and to use the platform for reflection and learning in the field of KTT.

Oikose - Designing Services for Tomorrow’s Buildings and Living

The common interest of capitalizing on Swiss energy research for rendering our society more sustainable led to the development of a proposal for a National Thematic Network (NTN). This network targets at the knowledge transfer between different sectors and players in order to stir collaborations and innovation in the development of smart neighborhoods and larger areas. Oikose is a product of the KTT working group.

Social Acceptance of Energy Infrastructure

The Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCERs) and NRPs 70 and 71 enriched the research landscape with numerous new projects. In the field of social acceptance, for instance, several projects were initiated at the interface between wind power and landscape, but equally on aesthetic impacts of other energy infrastructure. In September 2015 a group of researchers met for a first knowledge exchange, January 2017 for the second one.

Energy Research in the Alps

Although mountains and energy are closely connected, the two research communities – energy research and mountain research – do not overlap much. This is surprising as mountains are of eminent importance for renewable energy production: hydro, wind and solar power are ample in the Alps. There is also a potential for energy wood in Alpine valleys.

On occasion of the Mountain Workshops 2016 the working group „Energy Research in the Alps“ discussed the potentials and related conflicts of renewable energy use in the Alps. During the Energieforschungsgespräche 2017 in Disentis the discussion of the working group will be continued.