Nature conservation and parks

Economic and social research on Swiss parks and other measures of nature conversation.

Protection of species, habitats and landscapes

The Swiss Nature Conservancy implements measures to conserve species, habitats and landscapes. These measures often have several societal and economic implications, such as associated costs or changes in the value of a landscape.

The acceptance of conservation measures varies in different parts of the Swiss society. The local population affected by the measures often rejects them because of feared disadvantages or associated restrictions. The general population, on the other hand, call for the protection of natural resources. We analyse the resulting conflicts and show ways to resolve them.

Regional nature parks

With the revision of the Swiss Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act (Natur- und Heimatschutzgesetz), a new instrument called regional nature park has been created. Compared to national parks, this instrument does not only focus on nature conservation, but also on regional development. It aims to protect and enhance natural habitats and beautiful landscapes, foster tourism and sustainable regional development and enable society to experience nature. In our governance research, we investigate how regional nature parks function and coordinate their nature conservation and regional development goals.

With our studies and monitoring instruments such as  "Landscape Monitoring Switzerland" (LABES), we provide the basis for monitoring the effectiveness and further development of parks policy.


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