Determining the Insurance Value of Ecosystems (DIVES)

Project duration

2018 - 2022


The forest protects the population and transport infrastructure in mountain regions from natural hazards, such as avalanches, landslides and rock falls. At the same time, the forest itself is exposed to hazards, such as storms and fires. Can hazard prevention be improved through sustainable forest management and an innovative insurance model?

The project analyses the capacity of forest ecosystems to provide natural insurance services. Within the framework of case studies, the potential and value of these services will be illustrated in an exemplary way. The preferences of the population are determined in a survey. Furthermore, the different institutional frameworks are examined and success factors are identified. Eventually, all the acquired information will be put together to develop an operational business model that can be used in practice for sustainable insurance against natural hazards. The results will help to expand the awareness, acceptance and improve the common understanding of these ecosystem services.