Multi-hazard risk assessment framework (CCAMM Task 3.1)

Project lead

Michael Bründl


Jürg Schweizer

Project staff

Michael Bründl
Gregor Ortner

Project duration

2018 - 2021

Cooperation Financing

The aim of this project is to develop a software tool for the assessment of risks arising from single, linked or cascading hazards, as they can be expected to occur as a consequence of climate change in high mountain regions. The project builds on improved approaches for modelling avalanches, debris flows, rockfall, rock fall and landslides, which are either existing or being developed in other CCAMM projects. It will also consider the changing effectiveness of protection forests over time under the influence of climate change. Parallel to the hazard scenarios developed in CCAMM, which can be derived from climate scenarios of CH2018, socio-economic scenarios are defined for the time horizons 2040 and 2080.

The assessment of the current status and the consideration of different hazard scenarios and socio-economic scenarios should make it possible to estimate risk developments and to present the results with an interactive GIS tool. The results derived from the GIS tool will be discussed with responsible authorities in order to derive adaptation measures to climate change.