PathFinder - Towards an Integrated Consistent European LULUCF Monitoring and Policy Pathway Assessment Framework.

Project duration

2022 - 2026

PathFinder will provide the foundation for evidence-based policies that foster synergies between forest-based bioeconomy and biodiversity to utilize the potential of Europe's forests to mitigate climate change and halt the loss of biodiversity. PathFinder will result in two main outcomes: (1) A consistent European forest monitoring and carbon reporting system that combines field observations and remote sensing to conduct consistent national and EU level LULUCF Greenhous Gas Inventories (GHGIs) and provides information on biodiversity and other key forest ecosystem services. (2) A comprehensive pathway analysis approach that, with starting point in the monitoring system, provides policy makers with assessment of how different forest management regimes, climate futures and forest health scenarios can lead to different climate mitigation and biodiversity impacts at scales from national to EU.