Lead: ZHAW, ICBT,  Wädenswil

The project "NETZ" develops strategies and concepts for tapping the sustainable, energetic potential of substrates of agricultural origin, in particular farmyard manure in Switzerland. The basic idea is based on a separate and efficient fermentation of solid and liquid substrates and includes a separation of the full slurry. While the thin slurry is digested on the farm in a small low-tech plant, solids are processed in a regional, larger digestion plant. This reduces energy losses and emissions. The biogas produced on the farm is used to cover the farm's own energy requirements, and the regionally produced energy source is fed into networks (e.g. district heating, gas grid) Within this project, WSL explores the energy potential from manure and the associated social aspects.


IBH, Wiesendangen,

LAVEBA, St.Gallen

GRegio Energie, Chur

ZHAW, INE, Winterthur

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