TreeMig R package and GUI

Project lead

Heike Lischke


Daniel Scherrer

Project staff

David Böhm
Heike Lischke
Achilleas Psomas
Daniel Scherrer
Dirk Schmatz

Project duration

2020 - 2022


The forest landscape model TreeMig, developed mostly by H. Lischke, is increasingly used. To facilitate its application by even more scientists and ensure continued support and future model advancement after her retirement, a consolidated TreeMig version shall be released and a TreeMig R-package implemented. The R-package will provide a large range of essential functions for simulation setup, preparation of input data, call of TreeMig, post-processing, visualization of results, a graphical user interface, species- parameters, and links to available input data (e.g. climate data). Upon its release on GitHub and CRAN, tutorials will explain the workflow based on example applications and enable active user-oriented interactions within the TreeMig modelling community. In addition, a new webpage will provide web-based simulations (e.g. for teaching) as well as access to the source code, documentation, support and TreeMig related publications and projects.