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Forest Reserves: Where nature has priority

Publishing year
17 pages

, 2017: Forest Reserves: Where nature has priority. WSL magazine Diagonal, 2017, 1: 2-18.




Return to the wild?

What happens to a forest if it is no longer managed? Research in natural forest reserves provides some answers.


Ulrich Mergner, Bavarian State Forestry Department: “I don’t think it makes much sense to stop using an ordinary forest just to make up the...

Collaborating on research in virgin forests is useful for both partners

Thanks to the research on virgin forests in Ukraine and Bulgaria, we now understand better how Swiss forests develop.

It depends on the quality

Despite more deadwood in Swiss forests, half of all wood-dwelling beetle species are threatened.

Forest reserves, unmanaged forests and commercial forests in Switzerland

Around five per cent of the forests in Switzerland have so far received protection as reserves. Many more forests, however, especially in the Alps and...