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Twice a year (every June and November) our free magazine, DIAGONAL, reports in English, French and German on WSL's latest research findings and on its work. Besides providing specific information on our given topics forest, landscape, biodiversity, natural hazards and snow and ice, each edition of the magazine focuses on a specific core research topic.


Current edition: No. 2 | 19 Learning from each other: Research and practice in dialogue



Linking ivory towers and emergencies

Providing effective protection against natural hazards requires scientific information as well as practical experience.

Kurstag im Gelände: Ein Schneeprofil liefert Informationen zur Schneedecke, die für die Beurteilung der Lawinengefahr wichtig sind. (Bild: Stephan Harvey, SLF)

Better decisions thanks to solid knowhow

Every year, SLF gives courses on snow and avalanches to professionals and other people.

Giving the local population a voice

How can the use of wood as fuel contribute to making the supply of energy more secure in the Ukrainian Carpathians?

Saving the sweet chestnut

A fungus threatens valuable old chestnut groves. To control it, research and practice have joined forces and are testing new methods of treatment.


Cultivating personal contacts

A WSL survey has shown that, for nature conservation professionals, their own experience counts more than scientific facts.



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