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Twice a year (every June and November) our free magazine, DIAGONAL, reports in English, French and German on WSL's latest research findings and on its work. Besides providing specific information on our given topics forest, landscape, biodiversity, natural hazards and snow and ice, each edition of the magazine focuses on a specific core research topic.


Current edition: No. 1 | 21: Keeping the forest and people healthy

The diagonal was created in this edition as PDF with interactive links for navigation.


Articles in the focus

The forest – a perpetual patient?


Acid rain, bark beetles, drought damage: our forests are constantly facing new challenges – and so are WSL researchers.

The spruce bark beetle is accelerating the transformation of Swiss forests


Bark beetles have been killing more spruce trees than almost ever before. Human activities are partly responsible for this. Foresters...

Investigating a new pathogen


Tree pests – beetles, fungi and bacteria – are on the increase in Switzerland. Researchers at the WSL Plant Protection Laboratory...

New antibiotics from permafrost?


Millions of unknown microorganisms occur in the permanently frozen ground. Some of them could produce new active substances that...