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Twice a year (every June and November) our free magazine, DIAGONAL, reports in English, French and German on WSL's latest research findings and on its work. Besides providing specific information on our given topics forest, landscape, biodiversity, natural hazards and snow and ice, each edition of the magazine focuses on a specific core research topic.


No. 2/17: Landscape



Our landscape concerns us all

Whatever we do, we change the landscape. Our landscape researchers take a closer look so that we can shape these transformations together.

Landscape research goes to school

Young researchers from all over the world learned about data, tools and models for analyzing patterns and processes in landscapes.


Martin Laupper, Mayor of Glarus North: “Reforming the structure of the

municipality is challenge, particularly as we have to find a new identity.”

Landscape under constant observation

The program “Landscape Monitoring Switzerland”, LABES, is an innovative tool for assessing and improving the quality of the landscape in Switzerland.

Protecting the climate through peatland conservation

Most of the raised bogs in Switzerland have been drained. This has led not only to the loss of a unique habitat, but also to another problem: former...