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Twice a year (every June and November) our free magazine, DIAGONAL, reports in English, French and German on WSL's latest research findings and on its work. Besides providing specific information on our given topics forest, landscape, biodiversity, natural hazards and snow and ice, each edition of the magazine focuses on a specific core research topic.


Current edition: No. 1 | 20 Wood and more: changing forest use


More articles in the focus

Wood and more: changing forest use

Forests fulfil many important functions: providing protection against natural hazards, filtering drinking water and serving as a habitat. How can...

“Forest services should no longer be free of charge”

Falling timber prices mean that the services the forest provides for the entire population should be reconsidered. How are Swiss forest owners...

Wood for climate protection

Trees absorb CO2 from the air: 925 million tonnes of it are stored in Swiss forests alone. This climate protection effect can be further increased so...

Making sure large wood does not become a danger

Large wood in rivers can knock down bridges and block weirs. New findings help to assess the risks better.

Watching wood grow

In Valais, WSL researchers are investigating how a warmer climate influences the growth of trees and thus wood formation.