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Magazine No 2 - 2019 November

Seeds and the introduction of harmful organisms

Experts handle conflicts between economic and ecological interests differently in forestry and nature conservation


Magazine No 1 - 2019 June

Ash dieback: Not all affected trees show symptoms

Data series up to 130 years old provide answers for tomorrow's forests


Magazine No 2 - 2018 November

How a simple number can make the forest-game debate more objective

Satellite images enable quick nationwide estimates of storm damage in forests


Magazine No 1 - 2018 June

Taking a look at the metabolism of trees: What happens under drought stress?

WSL surveys show: Recreational forest conflicts successfully resolved


Magazine No 1 - 2017 June

Why do forest trees sometimes produce such masses of fruit? Volunteers help with the research

HeProMo: Assessing the cost of harvesting wood


Magazine No 2 - 2016 November

Oak or oak? Genetics assists with species identification

Are beech trees from inner alpine dry valleys adapted to drought?


Magazine No 1 - 2016 June

Better structured forests mean fewer landslides

Historic water channels as a long-term irrigation experiment

Indigenous Scots pines germinate better than those from southern and eastern Europe

A unique environmental archive: ancient wood stored in Swiss soil