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HeProMo: Assessing the cost of harvesting wood

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What does it cost to harvest and transport a cubic meter of energy wood? WSL’s revised wood-harvesting productivity model (HeProMo) provides answers to important questions like these for forestry. When data on the trees, terrain, personnel and machines is fed into the calculation tool, which is jointly financed by WSL and the Federal Office for the Environment, the output is the timber volume harvested per hour and the cost.  The new model includes more processes than the earlier version of HeProMo, such as chopping energy wood, transporting the wood chips and harvesting whole trees on a slope using a mobile tower yarder with a processor. Users include not only foresters, but also the federal government and researchers who want, for example, to assess the potential for using wood in Switzerland. (Beate Kittl, Diagonal 1/17)