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A new assessment system for winter tours in the Jura

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Daniel Silbernagel, mountain guide and owner of the publishing house topo.verlag, was looking for a method to determine the risk of avalanches across the terrain of the Swiss Jura. Together with Christine Pielmeier of the SLF’s avalanche warning service, he developed and tested a class­ifi­cation system that has already been successfully employed in a similar form in Canada. The system divides ski, snowshoe and hiking tours into three classes of terrain: easy, variable (partly challenging), and complex. The benefits of this work will be channeled into a number of areas, including Silbernagel’s tour guides. New editions will be published in 2016, featuring 60 tours classified according to the system, which should make route planning a little easier for newcomers. (Christine Huovinen, Diagonal 1/16)