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The WSL Fact Sheet (ISSN 2624-8069, digital ISSN 2624-8077) summarises key findings from WSL research and provides guidelines for best practice. The in-house series is aimed at forestry and nature conservation groups, authorities, schools and interested laypersons.

German editions are published in the series Merkblatt für die Praxis, French in the series Notice pour le praticien. Italian editions appear in free succession in the series Notizie per la pratica.


Latest Issue

Pine trees are an integral part of the forest landscape across Switzerland. In recent years, they have come under increasing pressure, not least due to new fungal diseases that have been introduced from abroad. In the course of these activities, numerous other needle diseases have been detected.

WSL fact sheet 70

Habitat trees are a key component of forest biodiversity. Experts from Europe have developed a typology of tree-related microhabitats, small life-sites borne by some trees, which are indispensable for thousands of specialised organisms.

WSL fact sheet 64

The grey larch budmoth is a small moth that became internationally famous for its periodic, large-scale infestations of larch forests in the Engadine and is one of science’s bestknown examples of cyclic population fluctuations.

WSL fact sheet 61