The new Skippy system allows digitizing tree rings from cores and disks, but also taking images from long micro sections (up to 40cm) using transmitted light. This feature is of special interest for dendrogeomorphic applications to identify the onset of compression wood and tension wood in micro sections cut with a WSL-Core-Microtome.

We presented Skippy in our magazine DIAGONAL, which included this video:

The first running system was developed in 2020 by Loïc Schneider and Holger Gärtner (Dendrosciences). This prototype is running on a daily basis in our lab without problems. In 2021 we had to change the camera, because Canon did no longer produce the type of camera we used. We managed to integrate a new camera (Sony Alpha 7R IV; 61MP) to the system. Since then, the new system is now also running without problems and the image resolution is even higher.


Image resolution: 6700 dpi

Download: Real resolution details in comparison to scan images scanned at 4800 dpi

(original files of the stiched images presented below can be downloaded for inspection)

Increment core

Download (456MB)

Micro section of a core

Download (559MB)

Disk of a larch stem

Download (228MB)