Scientific Interests 

Energy Transition, Global Change in Mountain Regions, Development of Scientific Networks, Strategy and Project Development, Knowledge and Information Management, Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Synthesis Works and Visualizations.

Education and Work Experience 

2023-present: Project Manager "Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services", NCCS-Impact

2020-present: Co-Head Research program Extremes, Office of the Director WSL

2014-2020: Leiterin Forschungsprogramm Energy Change Impact WSL Birmensdorf

2017: CAS Leadership in Science FHNW

Since 2014: Programm Coordinator Energy Change Impact WSL

2012-2014: Science Officer WSL for NRP 61 „Sustainable Water Management“

2012: Science Officer Mountain Research and Development (MRD), CDE, Bern University 

2011-2014: Program Coordinator Swiss-Austrian Alliance for Mountain Research, Bern 

2007-2014: Program Coordinator MRI-Europe

2003–2005: Scientific Coordinator GLOCHAMORE (EU FP6; MRI) 

2003-2014: Science Officer Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), Bern 

1998–2002: PhD on "Indigenous Knowledge on Storage Pest Management in Nepal", ETH Zurich and ICIMOD, Nepal. 

1997–1998: Evaluation und Monitoring „Farmer Field Schools“, CIP Indonesia 

1997: Module development for Integrated Pest Management, SDC Nepal 

1996–1998: MSc for Developing Countries (NADEL), ETH Zurich 

1996: Pre-Study on "Local Knowledge on Pest Management in Nepal", ICIMOD/NARC/SDC, Nepal 

1993–1994: Internship on „Biodiversity of Insects“, IUCN Nepal 

1990–1995: MSc Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich 

1989–1990: Zurich University of the Arts 

Other Activities

Advisory Board Member SCCER BIOSWEET

Member International Editorial Board Mountain Research & Development

Member Scientific Steering Committee Science for the Carpathians S4C

Further publications

Publications (since 2009)

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Björnsen Gurung A., Stähli M. (2014). Wasserressourcen der Schweiz. Dargebot und Nutzung - heute und morgen. Thematische Synthese 1 im Rahmen des Nationalen Forschungsprogramms NFP 61 "Nachhaltige Wassernutzung", Bern. (PDF, 8 MB)

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