Current position

PI of the Translational Centre Biodiversity Conservation, a joint Initiative of the ETH-Domain
Adjunct Professor at ETH Zürich, lecturing on conservation biology, conservation genetics, conservation management (Praxisseminar Naturschutz), adaptation genomics and the biology of ferns

Head of Research Unit Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Previous positions

2011-2023 Member of WSL Directorate
2020-2021 Acting Deputy Director WSL
2006-2010 Head of Research Unit Ecological Genetics and Evolution WSL
2001-2006 Deputy Head of Section Ecological Genetics WSL
1998-1999 Postdoc at University of St Andrews, Scotland
1997-1998 Research Associate at Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zürich
1997 PhD at University of Zürich

Research interests

My research interests are in biodiversity and conservation biology, including ecological genomics. In doing so, I use a suite of methods from monitoring to genomic approaches and study a wide array of organisms.

I focus on the exchange between research and application/outreach and the implementation of scientific results in conservation management and landscape planning, e.g., regarding the ecological infrastructure of Switzerland. I also supervise the large monitoring program of the nationally important habitats of Switzerland WBS.

Selection of other activities

Member of the scientific board of the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach

Member of the scientific advisory board (OFU) of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU)

Member of several cantonal expert panels for biodiversity conservation

Member of the steering board of the Rübel Foundation

Member of the steering board of the Genetic Diversity Centre GDC at ETH Zürich

Complete CV and publication list

Complete CV and publication list Rolf Holderegger February 2024: PDF