my education i got my degree in agronomy in 1985 at the ETH Zurich, where i also made my doctoral thesis (in 1988 at the institute of plant sciences, now part of the institute of agricultural sciences); then i was one year at the ISU (Ames, IA, USA) for a post-doc; 1993, in parallel to my job, i followed a post-graduate course in applied statistics at the ETHZ

my research projects

about the effects of atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition (research projects in the Alptal valley), further a project on interactions between CO2 & N

the results

see my publication list

a software

i wrote a software to analyse hemispherical photographs (calculation of the leaf area index of forest canopies): this software is called Hemisfer

some useful links

in order to have it always at hand, here is also a periodic table of the elements

i'm also maintaining an internet site of the Schleppi family

my favorite sport

cycling (member and volunteer of the Club des Cent Cols)