Spécifications techniques

Measuring parameters

Air Temperature and Air Humidity

RFT-2 sensors, protected from rain and direct solar radiation by ventilated weather housings, are used for measuring air temperature and air humidity.


  • measuring range, air temperature: -30 - 70°C
  • measuring range, air humidity: 0 - 100%

Hardware for MODOEK Controlling and Data Collection

Controlling and data collecting hardware by Real-Time Hypervisor, National Instruments.

Software for MODOEK Controlling and Data Collection

Controlling and data collecting software by LabVIEW, National Instruments.

Water Potential

A Scholander bomb is available for measuring water potential in needles, leaves and twigs.


  • measuring range: 0 - 40 bar
  • pressure chamber: 12.5 x 6.25 cm
  • adapter for needles, leaves and twigs

Chlorophyll Content

A portable SPAD-chlorophyll meter is available for measuring chlorophyll contents in leaves.


  • two LED light sources for differential determination of optical density
  • max. leaf thickness: 1.2 mm

Chlorophyll Fluorescence

A portable PAM 2000 device is available for analyzing chlorophyll fluorescence-related parameters in leaves.


  • actinic light source for inducing chlorophyll fluorescence
  • flexible fibre optic and leaf clips for dark adaptation of leaves

Physiological Gas Exchange

Two LICOR 6400 devices are available for studying the gas exchange of needles or leaves.


  • external CO2 injector 
  • leaf cuvette with internal LED light source
  • sensor for photosynthetic active radiation

Soil Air Extraction

Gas-permeable tubes are used for collecting air samples for chemical analysis at different soil depths.


  • permeable for many gaseous substances (e.g. CO2, NO2, NHund C2H4)

Soil Water Extraction

Suction cups are used for collecting soil water for chemical analysis at different soil depths.


  • diameter: 20 mm
  • active surface: 34 cm2
  • pore size: 1 µm

Fine Root Growth

The temporal and spatial dynamic of fine root growth can be visualized with the CID root scanning system.


  • scanning range: 21.6 x 19.6 cm
  • scan resolution: 1200 dpi
  • USB interface for data transfer

Solar Radiation

A SP-Lite Pyranometer is installed at the research plot for measuring solar radiation.


  • spectral rangspectral range: 400 - 1100 nm
  • operating temperature: -30 - 70°C

Stem Diameter Changes

Automated point dendrometers are available for monitoring diurnal / seasonal stem diameter changes in young trees.


  • measuring range: 1 - 4 cm stem diameter
  • resolution: 20 µm

Soil Matrix Potential

pF sensors are installed at 60 cm soil depth for measuring soil matrix potentials.


  • measuring range: 1 to 10 000 000 hPa
  • operating temperature: -40 - 80°C

Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature

Decagon's 5TM sensors are used for measuring soil moisture and temperature.


  • measuring range, moisture: 0 - 100%
  • measuring range, temperature: -40 - 50°C